A poem, if I may

In the spirit of saving hypothetical hostages from a fictional embassy in France, I have decided to honor a long-standing French artistic tradition of writing a poem to express our gratitude. Even though Ian, Leroy, and myself did all the work, we are still eternally grateful for the opportunity given to us by these imaginary diplomats. 

Once in a Blue Man

What does a blue man have to do

With a game like “Rescue”?

Does he hide in a corner

And wait for a hero,

Like Jason Bourne? Er…

What does a blue man want

When Jumbo pulls off an amazing stunt?

Does he long to be free?

My lord he must have to go oui,

And quite a loud yes it will be,

When we raid the embassy.

Crepes, wine, and once having a president,

Married to Carla Bruni.

Here’s to you! Man in Blue!