Galaxy 5000: Deep Thoughts in the 51st Century

Hey Gang! LeRoy here. I just wanted to share with you my post play through / post episode thoughts about the classic NES game Galaxy 5000. Like most of you, I remember playing the majority of these retro games with siblings, friends, cousins, that smelly kid who lived next door and maybe even your parents when no one else was around to play. But no matter whom you played with, the memories and fun stuck with you for ages.


If it was, then an eternal Blood feud forged in the fires of hell broke loose throughout the land (aka: my parents small living-room).

I’ll use playing with my three brothers as an example. On Saturday mornings we would awake and immediately turn on the CRT TV and start the 8-buit ritual, and some of these days we would attempt to play and beat Galaxy 5000. The play session would usually start off fine, with the promise of us putting our strategic differences aside and working together to finally beat this game. As the Supreme Leader (The Oldest), I always went first since that was my birthright. (YOU KNOW ITS TRUE!) Unfortunately, after what would feel like an eternity (or 10 minutes) we would start to get frustrated with each other.

It would start off as a playful banter like “Nice Job on missing the Jump” or “Wow, you really are the king of suck”, but sometimes it would quickly devolve into revenge and espionage. For example: One of my brothers was particularly mad at JUST me for some reason I can’t recall at the moment (he was probably just being a baby), but I remember his face. FUMING RAGE. As I was trying to navigate my way through the final earth level, which was the farthest we’ve EVER gotten BTW, I was running out of time. Now, like we said in the podcast if you run out of time the track dissolves and you die. But I was so close! As my timer was counting down from 10 on the final lap I knew I was going to do it! We were going to Mars and experience a brand new level! HISTORY was going to be made in the Warner living room!

My brother (who was still seething with anger) jumped up and grabbed the controller. “HA!!” he shouted. He made the spaceship jump off the edge of the map, and I ran out of time.

In what felt like slow motion, I yelled "Noooooooooo!"

My ship explodes! The screen jumped to the silly reset level song. We just look at each other in silence. Then he ran off to his room while flipping me off. He may have only been 8 years old but in my defense he was very fast and caught me off guard, and no doubt I could have taken him in a fair fight.

I don’t think I ever tried played the game after that incident. But thanks to Rom Of The Week I got to relive the hell that was Galaxy 5000 and finally put this White Whale (or Black Elephant?) to rest.

OH YEAH! NOW I remember why my brother was so mad! Earlier in this play session I told him that a secret was just outside the map screen, and all he had to do was jump off screen.

BUT There was no secret. He did it. He Died, and I laughed like a hyena.

This Happened TWICE.

Yup. I totally deserved it…

Still the supreme leader though.


-LeRoy W.