In response to Ian Golding’s post, where he viewed the land of SNEAK KING through the harsh truth of a Steinbeck-era lens, I feel I need to address a real world symptom of this game, which is NAUSEA.

(WebMD definition)

We here at ROM of the Week truly mean well and we want to share our experiences with you, and that also means doing so in a responsible manner.

Please bear in mind that referencing nausea is by no means a commentary on the food Burger King serves. Sometimes, it can be quite adequate. Providing you with the resources to identify and combat nausea is simply our way of ensuring that listeners remain healthy and able to identify any irregularities that will most likely occur should they decide to play this game. While we may not be doctors podcasting about doctor things, we’re always looking out for the well being of our listeners, and this is a big reason we decide to play games like SNEAK KING, so you don’t have to.