Final thoughts on Sneak King

Ian here.

You know, we talked an awful lot about the universe of "Sneak King" during the episode, about how the King was a malevolent sovereign who doled out hamburgers to his subjects, who had lost either their will to feed themselves or their ability to, and I stand by my comments.  What's stuck with me since is the question of how exactly the world of Sneak King came to be:  was it a slow burn, or was there a flashpoint?  A moment that all the King's unwilling subjects remember at the back of their malnourished minds where everything changed for the worse.  Do the King's subjects even have the capacity to remember what life was like BEFORE their regent delivered them food?

What was the first sighting of the King like for a member of the populace?   I mean, through whatever means, you've lost the ability to feed yourself and you pass out from hunger every couple minutes.  You KNOW death is near.  It has to be.  You went to high school, you understand the human body. Then, out of nowhere, you're carrying a box from your house to the moving van and back again, you do this repeatedly, without reason.  You don't have a memory of when it started, and you have no concept of this task being completed.  You simply know it IS.  You're walking up the ramp and BOOM!  Out of a box jumps a giant-headed royal freak who does a little dance before handing you... Burger King.  Of course your mouth waters... your body aches for food, for something to keep it alive, but it's fucking BURGER KING.  It's a greasy burger that you never had a good memory of.   You have to eat it, though!  You must!  Your very instincts will not allow you to refuse.  So you eat it, and for a terrible second, while you bite into it and mayonnaise squirts into the back of your throat, you make eye contact with the death mask atop the creepy figure smiling at you, and you hope that death takes you in your sleep, so you can finally be free. But there is no release.  You pick up the box, and you return to your task.  Back to the house. Back to the moving truck.  Back to the house.

Who's hungry?